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Exceeding Standards

Sheet Metal Fabrication in Houston, TX

Sheet metal fabrication uses large sheets of metal to create metal structures. The process is complex and requires a high-level craftsmanship from certified operators, welders and fabrication professionals. Rapid Turn Laser & Machine LLC specializes in sheet metal fabrication for Houston and the entire southern United States. Our team is prepared to create your design.

When Precision Matters

We offer press brake bending, rolling, TIG/MIG welding, CNC machining, deburring, surface finishing, and parts marking services. If you need bump rolled items, we have the skill and capability as well. Bring us your most difficult designs and allow us to create it for you.

Rapid Turn Laser Machine, LLC offers more than just laser cutting and fabrication. Our saw cutting solution allows us to manufacture a large number of different pieces to fit your teams needs. Let us fabricate:

  • Pipes
  • Bars
  • Solid Shapes (Squares, Rectangles, Circles)
  • Tubes

A better way to do things

Our processes help separate us from the other fabricators you may come across. We strive to provide the highest quality sheet metal fabrication with the most efficient processes. Our sheet metal experts know how to create intricate bends and cuts without compromising the material’s integrity, even with projects that require multiple cuts and bends. Perhaps the best aspect of utilizing Rapid Turn Laser & Machine LLC is the fact that our speed and efficiency never comes at the cost of the final product. Feel free to look through our gallery to see some of our best work—we are excited to add your pieces to the page!

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